About us

At AZTEC Engineering Group, Inc., we introduce PVGRAd, a breackpoint in large-scale solar design.

Our patented software, together with our team of engineers specialized in solar energy, offers you a service that represents a huge qualitative leap in the optimization of the design of large-scale solar plants.

"PVGRAd, we transform the future into your present"

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More than 18 GW solar built worldwide

PVGRAd has been developed by AZTEC, an American subsidiary of Grupo TYPSA that represents a solid legacy of experience in solar engineering.

At AZTEC, we provide innovative solutions for photovoltaic projects, meeting the highest quality standards and guaranteeing safety in every step of the process.

Your trusted partner in the transition to cleaner, more sustainable energy.

Meet our team


Behind PVGRAd, there is a team of professionals who are not only experts in solar software development, but above all engineers with extensive practical experience in the design of large-scale solar power plants.

Professionals combining their deep technical knowledge with field experience, ensuring that PVGRAd is not only an innovative tool, but also a practical and transversal solution for the solar energy industry.

Their experience ensures that PVGRAd meets the real needs of the industry, offering a unique perspective that only those who have worked on the ground can provide.

sobre PVGRAd ingenieros optimización energía solar

Leading the solar design industry

US patent no. 11,301,790.

At AZTEC, we are committed to driving continuous innovation. PVGRAd is a clear example of how our technology-driven engineering concepts lead innovation in the solar sector, but also provides very significant added value to our clients.

Awards and honours.

METIS Sustainable Infrastructure Award.

ASU 2019

United Nations 2021

Selected as "Industry Best Practices" to achieve a Sustainable 2030.
Agenda goals

much more than a software, a comprehensive solution

Our team’s multidisciplinary approach ensures that our service not just aligns with technical needs, but also facilitates integration and collaboration between the different disciplines of a solar project.

This ability to cross borders between disciplines and departments makes PVGRAd a transversal tool. Able to unite different aspects of the development of solar plants under one umbrella of efficiency and effectiveness.

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