Can I buy a PVGRAd license?

equipo de ingenieros solares de PVGRAd servicios de optimización y diseño para tus proyectos.

PVGRAd is not a commercial software. Licenses are not for sale.

Instead, PVGRAd’s team of solar engineers offers you optimization and design services for your projects. This way, you not only have access to the advantages of the PVGRAd advanced simulation software, but you will also havea team of international experts in large-scale solar plant design at your disposal to analyze your projects and give you the results you need at all times.

To access our services you just have to follow these three steps:

  1. Register as a client.
  2. Select which studies and results you need from the options menu.
  3. Give us the necessary information and the options you want to analyze so that an expert from our team can provide you with all the results you need.